Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hatred from Heidi Carico

This is a hilarious little episode that highlights perfectly why I hate fundamental people, regardless of their religion.

I’ve mentioned Heidi Carico before. She is the venomous little troll who is all over the internet, spewing her poisonous anti-evolution, anti-atheist, anti-reality brain dribblings. She is a member of the Facebook page “The Death of Evolution”, a silly little page promoting a book of the same name. This page has recently died a death itself, which is a nice twist of irony.

One particular thread had been out of use for nearly two months until the other day when Heidi Carico launched a salvo at yours truly. Why I came in for this I have no idea as, looking back over the contents of that thread, I had not said anything untoward to her. More evidence the woman is stark raving mental?

The first post is directed at another member, Michael, but is included here as indication of the level of fail Heidi is capable of when discussing evolution.

Too bad Michael can't prove that God doesn't exist any more than he can prove that Jesus didn't exist either, especially since h rfuses to research Jewish history.:) I wondery why.:) But we have easily proven evolution a lie since animals don't turn into people in reality not have evolutionists prove that they can in their imaginations either.:)

Let’s stop and look at this post briefly. An atheist is not required to prove either God or Jesus didn’t exist, though evidence would tend to indicate both are in doubt, certainly as the Bible describes. As the late, great Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. That’s maybe an issue for another update.

She says they have easily proven evolution a lie since animals don’t turn into people in reality. Really? So the mountains of evidence including fossil records, comparative anatomy and, importantly, the genome mapping and comparative DNA studies are all completely wrong and we didn’t evolve along with every other living thing on the planet? This will come as a shock to the near 100% of scientists who accept evolution. Heidi has previous said we don’t see animals turning into people. No shit, Sherlock! That’ll be because that is not what evolution via natural selection says will happen. Anyway, she’s a gibbering idiot when it comes to all things science, continuing to insist the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics disproves evolution. No, really, she does, even when their beloved Answers In Genesis website gives it as something not to use in arguments against evolution!

Right, back to the posts and that attack me. This was fun! She posted.

Steve, so what are you going to do about the fact that God allows evil? Shoot him?? lol. But unlike any human, God gives every man a free pardon by sending his Son to pay for every single sin of very single man. But atheists ignore that then claim God is evil because thy don't want to be punished for their sins just like criminals don't want to pay the penalty for their crimes either.:) But God is no fool. He sees through people who want to gt away with breaking laws to save thir own skins. He knows that cowards cant run forever.:)

So she’s admitting God allows evil. Why does a loving and merciful God allow evil?

As I covered in my previous update, "Tragedy: A reason to praise God?", God either allows evils to happen or directly causes them which means he cannot be all loving and merciful. What would I do, shoot him? Pffft, if only, but it’s hard to shoot a delusion.

She claims atheists say God is evil so as to escape punishment. This is a contradiction. Atheists do not believe God exists so how can they be attempting to escape his punishment? When describing him as evil it is the biblical concept of God that is evil; the murderous, warmongering tyrant who delights in the slaughter of innocent babies. Anybody in the least bit moralistic would consider that God to be evil.

She claims we want to get away with breaking the law. What law? Is she implying that atheists commit more crimes? This is not born out by studies. If she is implying atheists break the laws of God then, erm, we’re atheists so, yeah, why should we not? That doesn’t mean we’re not moralistic, though. When was the last time an atheist shot dead an abortion clinic staff member because of an ancient book? She seems to think that atheists are running around breaking Earthly laws left, right and centre in some anarchistic free-for-all. This is, obviously, absolute bullshit. Again, studies have shown that secular countries, those where religion is not as pervasive, have lower crime figures and a better quality of life overall.

Go God, Yeeehaw! *shoots his gun at the sky*

Finishing that first post she calls atheists ‘cowards’. This is a bit rich from somebody who abdicates their morals to worship a God who has committed atrocities that are sickening to anybody who is right in the head. As my YouTube video Atheists Are Cowards! demonstrates, if anybody is a coward in this scenario it is most certainly not the atheist.

Now we come to the really nasty post where she attacks my character. This one followed on directly after the previous two, she was on a roll so why stop, huh? Again, this is just lunacy from the get go.

So Steve, why do you think you deserve a good life and eternal heaven? You spend your life cursing God, cursing those who love him, living for yourself, lusting after whatever arouses you, keeping money you could give to the poor, justifying baby killing, sodomy and any kind of sexual perversion of God's design, trying to prove God a liar and worst of all, bieing proud of doing the above! So what do you think would happen if you treated an earthly judge the way you treat God? I can tell you one thing; he wouldn't offer you a free pardon like God does. lol.:)

Where to start with this lump of ignorant bigotry lol

Do I deserve a good life? Well, if one believes one should have a good life if one lives a good life, helping others and not condemning them to hellfire, then yes, I rather think I do. Unfortunately, according to her, I’ll be burnt because it’s not how well we live our lives, it’s whether we worship God in some narcissistic arse-licking orgy of sycophancy.

I don’t spend my life cursing God, I’ve better things to do. Nor do I curse those who love him, only those who use him as a reason to practice hatred and bigotry in his name, such as her. Those people deserve nothing but derision and mockery.

She accuses me of keeping money I could give to the poor. Now this is a part I did find offensive because, not that it’s anybody’s business but mine, I’m unable to work for health reasons. I’ve never claimed a penny in benefits, even though I have been entitled to for many, many years, yet I still do what I can to help charities. I’ve on several occasions lent what money I could afford to friends when they needed help. To be accused of this from such a venomous bitch hit a nerve, I’ll admit.

Apparently I spend my life lusting after whatever arouses me. Hmmm, well my track record of relationships wouldn’t bear this out, given that my shortest relationship has been five years and I’ve never slept around. Whilst I’m on the subject, I’ve never been drunk or taken drugs, not even smoked nicotine. To be accused of this would have been insulting had it come from somebody who was mentally stable. As it was from a woman who is so clearly insane I can laugh it off.

She says I justify baby killing. I’m not sure if this is projection coming from somebody who worships a God who demanded babies have their brains dashed out for their parents’ actions. For the record, I am pro-choice but at the same time don’t particularly like the idea of unnecessary abortion. My opinion is that, ultimately, it’s none of my business what a woman does with her body and there are many reasons they seek abortion. I should not and will not judge them.

She then goes on to say I want to justify sodomy and any other kind of sexual perversion. This might be slightly too much detail but I’ve never been a fan of anal sex. Ah, but she’ll be talking about homosexuality because the Bible doesn’t state that anal sex between men and women is wrong, least that I know of. It only mentions sex between two men, which doesn’t apply to me as I’m heterosexual! Do I condone homosexuality? I certainly don’t condemn it as wrong, it’s seen in every area of the animal kingdom so must be a part of nature. Perhaps Heidi isn’t getting enough sex herself so is fixated on others getting any?

When trying to prove God a liar one need only look to the Bible, a book so full of errors even those compiling it saw the problems it posed. Anyway, God isn’t a liar because to be so he would have to exist.

The last line about how an Earthly judge would respond is easily answered; No Earthly judge decides on the sentence by how much you praise him, only on your Earthly behaviour – as a just, loving and merciful God would. God does not give us a free pass, a free pass is no such thing when it is required of us to worship him and forego our morals in the process, setting aside his evils.

Quite why she chose to single me out for this attack I don't know. Were she to meet me she would doubtless find me one of the quietest spoken and inoffensive people she has met, though I somehow doubt that feeling would be mutual.

Heidi Carico is one of the most infamous Creationists on the internet. If you Google her name you will see just how widespread she spews her evangelical venom and bigotry. For more information on this woman, check out this link:

I shall now attach a screenshot of the posts referenced above, so you can be sure I have quoted her verbatim.

If you ever encounter this deluded Moron for the Messiah be aware you are not dealing with a person for whom reality is a close friend. Laugh at her posts and consider them for what they are, the signs of a deeply troubled and deeply damaged psyche. I would urge you to feel pity for Heidi, it cannot be easy being that fucked up.


  1. So why would atheists like and respect me since they don't like Jesus? Their hatred of me is actually a compliment since they treat me the same way they treat Jesus. So they put me in excellent company because they curse and mock Jesus. But the most interesting thing is, their hatred of me is SO strong that they feel the need to write posts about me. Why does someone like me bother them so much if they know they're right?? Would they be this angry if I praised Darth Vader,the tooth fairy or the "Big Bad Wolf"? If atheists really thought I was a lunatic then they'd treat me like a psychiatric patient. So do atheists go into psychiatric wards and make fun of the patients there? Not unless they're mentally ill themselves. So atheists don't treat me like a lunatic, they're as angry at me as they are at God for not allowing himself to be mocked. But don't worry, Jesus said his followers will be hated by the world (Jn 15:19) so you're simply proving Jesus right. :)

  2. Oh and btw, I forgive atheists for they know not what they do. So I pray for them. Atheists have hatred for God and those who love Him, Christians love our enemies so we pray that they seek God's love and forgiveness.

  3. And one last thing, its God whom atheists really hate because I tell them what He says. But atheists attack the messengers when they don't like the message. Unfortunately for them, that never takes the message away, it only heaps more burning coals on their heads. Here's how God describes unbelievers in Romans 1:29-32. So if you don't like it, then your quarrel is with God, not with me or anyone else:

    "They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31 they have no understanding, no fidelity, no love, no mercy. 32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them."


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