Friday, 29 October 2010

Atheists Are Cowards

I've heard this said a few times during my visits to Creationist Facebook pages and it never ceases to make me wonder how insane their argument is if you actually give it some thought.

First we must establish what atheist means:

Someone who denies the existence of god

Let us, for argument’s sake, suppose the Abrahamic God of the Old Testament exists. He’s sat up there, reminiscing on all of the things he has done in his life. This would include mass genocide perpetrated against those who don’t believe in him and the murder of babies. Yahweh, for that is supposedly his name, is not a forgiving God, far from it. He is depicted as a tyrannical dictator with a fine line in demanding wholesale slaughter.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Catherine Cook Stoops Lower

I didn’t think Catherine Cook could get any worse. Remember, she is the stalwart of the Facebook Creationist pages who, as previously documented here, advocates the beating of children until they obey you through fear.

This blog concerns a thread started on the Origins Resource Association Facebook page by an evolution supporter who I will name only as Evo for privacy reasons that will become apparent. Evo was drawing attention to the continuation of abortion related material being posted following a supposed ban by the page’s incompetent, partisan Creator/Admin Pete Fiske.

I’ll pick up the thread with Catherine Cook saying this:

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Creationists Debating Abortion

Back we trudge to the bottomless pit of stupidity that is the Origins Research Association’s Facebook page, as run by Pete 'Dickey' Fiske.

A thread started by an evolution supporter asked:

Do you think abortion should be illegal? Being against abortion is fine and dandy, but are suggesting people should be charged with murder for performing abortions, and mothers be locked up for conspiring to kill someone?

The first reply came from Peter Erbacher, another example of an intellectually stunted simpleton. He said:

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Evolution Is Now Racist, Apparently

One again we find ourselves returning to the fascinating, if facile, mind of Catherine Cook, she who advocates beating children when they’re young. This time we visit her pumping out her brainburps on the observation that evolution has traced our ancestors back to Africa.

How can they prove “we all came from Africa after humans branched off from their ape-ancestors approximately 5 million years ago?” Isn’t this racism? Actually naming the lesser cultures of Africa less intelligent than whites today? They actually draw pictures of apes that look like under-priviledged black people. Then they defend Hitler and people like Margaret Sanger who had their own species lists! Black African and Jewish were at the bottom of their lists! It’s funny how that still applies today!

Again, let us dissect this tripe and see where it leads us.

Bible Justified Child Abuse

Here is another reason I despise the Fundamentalist Christian mindset.

When speaking of how to raise a child, one particularly vile example of Fundie, Catherine Cook (who I have mentioned in previous posts) had this to say:

Bring up your child in the way they should go, and they will always keep to it. Teach your child to obey you, and to fear you. It protects the child from harm, teaches them what love truly is, and teaches them to trust you and respect autho...rity. It also teaches them wisdom in making the right decisions all their life. They turn out happier, and healthier with the same families of their own. Otherwise they are constantly facing bad consequences, and terrible life ruining situations. This is biblical. Our heavenly Father has the same love, fearing Him leads to wisdom, which is obedience for our own safety and happiness, or else we face the ultimate punishment for rebelliousness.
If we love our kids, we sacrifice ourselves and our feelings for them. If we love our kids, we invest in their future by bringing them up to live independently peaceful. We do not wait until they are older to discipline them with a beating because we lose our tempers! Do not wait to spank them when your mad. Do it right away, when you aren't mad! Spat them boldly on the behind now, when they are little, and you won't have to yell and beat them and lose your patience all the time later. Instead your life and theirs will be peaceful together, and you stop spatting and spanking at a very young age, because they have already learned respect, obedience, and they actually love you for it! All kids love a limit. It shows them you care!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Pete Fiske, C**T!

Another day and another tale of the insanity that is the Creationist mind. This time we remove our socks and wade into the shallow end of the gene pool, splashing about a bit in what is the Outreach Director of the ORA's brainburps.

I was a member of the Origin Resource Association’s Facebook page where, as is my wont, I tried to shoehorn some reality into the minds of those to whom sanity is a foreign concept. These are guys that still believe the Earth is 6,000 years old so not exactly firing on all braincells.

Here is why, as of tonight, I am no longer a member there. Sitting comfortably? Good, then I shall begin …

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A tale of Creationists & Continental Drift

Ok, where to being … hmmm … let’s make sure we’re all sane, ok?

You all know the Earth was formed roughly 4.5 billion years ago, right? Good.
You also know that tectonic drift moves the continents slowly over time? Good.
You also know that it was tectonic drift, along with other geological mechanisms, that created many of our mountains? Good.

Now, had I asked a Creationist they’d have answered “No, that’s wrong!” to each of those questions. They are, to put it mildly, in danger of being the intellectual inferior of a mentally challenged cabbage.

Allow me to recount a recent encounter with such a Creationist, an Admin on a Creationists’ Facebook Page.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Creationists, who needs 'em!

I’ve not posted in way too long and it is Creationists to blame for I have become addicted to debating their insanity on a daily basis, we all need a hobby! If you read my previous post you’ll get an idea of where I stand on God bothering, or Allah bothering for that matter. Since then, I have immersed myself in the cesspit that is Creationist Facebook pages. I surface, dripping, to give you my thoughts …