Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lisa's Illogical Creationist Lunacy

Sometimes you read something so overwhelmingly stupid that you have to read it through twice to ensure you didn't misunderstand what was being said. The following is one such instance. It took place on the Facebook page “The Reliablility(sic) of the Bible put to the Test” and the person in question is Lisa Emery.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Debating the Dumb on Facebook

This is a conversation that started with the question of why God won't heal amputees. It took place on the Facebook page "The Reliability of the Bible put to the Test - probation" as detailed in my other blog update tonight, here

I'll spare you the majority of what was a futile attempt to talk sense to drooling morons and pick up where the page's creator, Charles Watson, enters - ready to make himself look dumb for our collective amusement. Enjoy!

Please note; I've changed my name to DawkinsDog, my Twitter name.

Christian Creationist Cretinations

Those familiar with my blog will have heard of a Facebook page “The Reliability of the Bible put to the Test”, as I described here

A few months ago saw several of us sanity mongers banned from that cesspit of stupidity, we suddenly found ourselves unable to access it and attempts to find out why were unsuccessful. I personally PM'ed the creator, Charles Watson, only to be told it was probably because I'd broken “rule 10”.