Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Scumbag For God

I really need to vent tonight. I've just about had enough of some fundamental, and the emphasis is very heavily on the mental part, Christians on Facebook. If anybody wondered what sort of thing would have driven me from agnostic atheist to strong anti-theist, this is!

WARNING: If you find profanity offensive please do NOT read this particular post. If you enjoy profanity you might enjoy it.

The above appeared on a Facebook page called, Atheism, Satanism and Humanism vs. Biblical Christianity – a page regular readers will be familiar with as the home of some of the most banal and backward thinking godshites on Facebook.

Josh Shelley is asserting that atheist secularists support peadophila. Really Josh? And on what are you basing this blanket statement of bigotry? Oh, of course, a Christian site that is obviously oh so reliable. Josh then compounded this by continuing to goad, insult and abuse anybody who disagreed with him, and it went on for ages. He even posted links to Christian propaganda videos that claim Richard Dawkins had said rape was morally arbitrary, such is this appalling little man's mental capacity.

Atheists no more want paedophilia legalized than Christians do (excluding Catholic Priests, they would probably have mixed feelings judging by all the news stories!) To even suggest such a thing is evidence of the ignorance Josh has of atheists, and he chooses to demonise us rather than attempt to understand us.

This obnoxious, insidious piece of vermin has repeatedly referred to another member of that page as “Baby killer” because of her past history, even when asked to cease doing so.

This filthy, nasty, vindictive slime has told another member that her child was born with a birth defect not because of god but because of man's 'sin'. The level of compassion was non-existent, so I feel no need to show any towards him in return here.

Josh is also a failed author. He wrote a book called “Wasp on the Moon”, which aimed to discredit the theory of evolution but was so laughably incompetent that it contained chunks of Wikipedia simply copied and pasted, along with a reference citing his own hard drive!

You can read about the book, which is sadly no longer available, here;

It's worth checking out that link just for the reviews people have left!

The problem is this. Josh is an intellectually bankrupt coward. How so? Example; He recently argued some bullshit about free will, so I replied with a perfectly respectable post that explained the incompatibility between free will and omniscience. It was reported, removed and I got a Facebook warning. Why? It broke no page rules, there was no legitimate reason for its removal. So I can't post this on Facebook, it wouldn't last five minutes, he'd bleat and whine like the little bitch he is. That vacuous idiot has no jurisdiction here though, he has no puppet account called Methyl Uno here to delete, ban and warn as he does on Facebook.

So here goes.

Josh Shelley, you are an ignorant, arrogant, intellectually dishonest, vindictive, obnoxious, jumped up, god obsessed, tyrant apologist and absolutely worthless, snivelling, moronic, mentally subnormal, uncompassionate, thoroughly unlikeable, utterly despicable, irredeemable cunt. I'd think this of you even if you weren't a creationist but that you can opine such vulgar, distasteful, abhorrent trash just compounds it, because it means you're fucking deluded as well as everything above!

And Josh, if you disagree with me it's just another in the long lines of instances of you being wrong!

BTW, dear reader, this is the same cretinous ball of bullshit whom I talk of in this blog update, where I chose not to name him. Fuck him. He deserves all the scorn and derision he gets. As the bible says, you reap what you sow. Josh sows hatred, he can expect no less back.

Oh wow, that felt good.

It is precisely because I have encountered too many people just like Josh that I no longer consider myself merely an agnostic atheist, I am a strong anti-theist. Whether a god exists or not I cannot say, nobody can. What I can say with certainly is that religion is poison if it produces scum like Josh. This planet does not need people such as this and the sooner religion goes the way of the dinosaurs the better, because I'm sure that if a god worth knowing does exist he/she/it would be just as disgusted at the filth spewed in his/her/its name!


  1. Josh is pathetic. I'm surprised social services have't taken his kids off him. Seriously.

  2. On YouTube, and now also on Facebook, Joshua Shelley goes by the name "Richard Raspberry". His videos are an embarrassment to the human race. Check it out.

  3. God is very pathetic.

  4. Josh is a good bloke and this garbage that you write is a load of nonsense.

    1. Hi Josh, or Josh's mum. /wave

  5. Atlantic Canuck21 March 2014 at 14:40

    Josh is human excrement and what is written in this blog is EXTREMELY accurate!

  6. Joshua Shelley,
    (aka 'Richard Raspberry') is profoundly scientifically ignorant, yet he believes that the 'minor hindrance' of 'not knowing what you are talking about' in no-way prevents him from attempting to 'correct' real scientists, doctors and physicists etc, who, unlike Josh, actually know what they are talking about, and can prove what they say.

    If anything demonstrates that Josh's favorite selection of bronze age bed-time stories are false, then he rabidly slanders and lies about it, and generally tries anything to 'prove' it wrong, regardless (and without) of the facts.
    He has no interest in finding the truth.
    Facts to Josh are malleable things, to be misused or denied, ignored or flatly misrepresented in the unthinking and dogmatic defense of the selected words of ignorant and superstitious bronze age men.

    Josh would happily drown the truth to save his favorite lie, and I cannot help feeling a degree of profound sorrow for his kids.
    With him as their father, however well he may do everything else in their life, to raise them with that level of enforced scientific ignorance and with that degree of contempt for science, and to give them a world view so at odds with the observable facts cannot do anything but profoundly intellectually handicap them, probably for their entire life. Poor little guys.
    But Josh is not bothered by this, just so long as they continue to believe his favorite fairy story then the facts of the matter can go hang.

    Overly-simplistic people like Josh find a complex world too frightening. So they invent a simplistic lie and then ignore everything that exposes the lie. This is Josh's rationale.

    Someone fairly recently debated Josh and they comprehensively made him and his parochial and primitive beliefs look rather foolish.
    So in a fit of petulant and childish pique, Josh decided to misrepresent a number of innocuous statements by him to make him appear to be a 'stalker.' and report him to Google.

    Google (overworked as usual) didn't bother to check, and flagged his channel channel without confirming what was alleged.
    So Josh Shelley seems perfectly happy 'bearing false witness'.
    But are we in the least bit surprised by his blatant lying ?

  7. Speaking of Scumbags, God is a real Filthy One for punishing many of us innocent people on this Rotten no good Earth with all that is Happening Now.

  8. God the fucking jerk off Never gave me a wife and family that i always wanted.

  9. Even God is sucking Satan's cock and swallowing too.

  10. God and Jesus are both filthy scumbags.


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