Thursday, 27 September 2012

Excrutiating Ezekiel Excretions

The following was posted on a Facebook page, “Atheism, Satanism, and Humanism vs. Biblical Christianity”, by Penny Amanda Stone, who I have mentioned before on this blog. The content of the picture, a quote from Ezekiel, needs a response.

Read that through and ask yourself this; why would a good, loving, compassionate person, one who does all they can to help others and has never intentionally done harm to anybody, require a new heart and mind? Are they not good enough as they are, is their altruism and benevolent outlook insufficient that they need to change?

Why the presumption of a stubborn heart of stone? Does the good, loving, compassionate person have a stubborn heart of stone purely because they are not a believer in what is likely no more than an ex-Canaanite wargod who has a history of directing and committing genocide?

What incentive is there to exchange that good, loving, compassionate heart for an obedient one? Is the obedient heart superior in any way? I see no reason to think that would be the case, on the contrary I see the obedient heart offered by God to merely be an exchange for a subservient heart.

Why would a supposedly perfect God require the contradictory narcissistic ego stroking that is implied by our unquestioning obedience to him? Is this God so fragile of ego that he would rather we kowtow to him, tugging our forelocks like some Middle Ages serf addressing the Lord of the Manor, than judge us on how we conduct ourselves towards our fellow travellers through life?

When one reads that quote from Ezekiel in the knowledge of what many Christians today claim, that disbelief in God is a one way ticket to Hell, it throws it into a whole new light. This incentive to accept God's offer of an obedient (for which read subservient) heart is hardly benign. It is no more peaceable than the incentives offered by a Mafia enforcer; accept the offer or suffer the consequences. It is coercion, an offer handed to you with the threat you must accept, it is the pernicious cajoling of a poisonous doctrine.

It has no place in civilised society.

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