Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Shrek Goes Full Fucktard

This is incredible, even by creationist debating standards this is beyond crazy. Enjoy!

Those familiar with my site will possibly be aware of Eric Johnson, also known as 'Shrek'. He is the admin of the Facebook page Atheism vrs Fundamental Christianity, which can be found here;

Over the last few nights, Eric Johnson has gone, for want of a better word, the full fucktard. Before we go on, you need to see one of the 'rules' of his page (rules which, incidentally, he copied directly from another page without asking the owner's permission).

NO one will be banned.

Seems rather unambiguous, I think you'll agree.

Yet Eric has started banning people, and the reason for their removal is quite, quite ridiculous. Eric only wants 'real atheists' on his page. When pushed for what constitutes a 'real atheist' he says it's an atheist who denounces God and Christ, and also spreads atheism in public. Huh? So this moron wants atheists to proselytize atheism!? What are we supposed to do, get banners and march in atheism's name? Apparently so, yes. I'm serious, that is precisely what we must do to qualify! That atheism has no dogma or doctrine requiring it is immaterial, that atheism is, by definition, simply the lack of belief in gods doesn't matter, not to Eric.

This raised a point; what of those atheists who live in areas where doing so would negatively affect their lives? We know that in the US there are many areas where the stigmatisation of atheists can lead to barring from jobs, ostracism and in some cases physical abuse.

When this was put to Eric he said that if we truly believed in atheism we would risk it, otherwise we are cowards. This is all very easy for him to say, it's not him expected to jeopardize anything. So I asked would he expect a Christian to publicly proselytize their faith in a radical Muslim country where doing so could lead to death. Amazingly he said yes, it would be better to be beheaded than hide your faith.

At one point he banned me, because I am what he calls just an 'online atheist' not a 'real atheist', even though it was pointed out to him that I am pretty much a full time carer, so opportunities to go out spreading the word of atheism are rare even if I were of a mind to do so. I'm not, as I don't feel pushing my atheism on others in public is any more acceptable than others doing it to me, though I would willingly discuss my atheism with somebody were it brought up, I'm proud to be a free thinker and not some mindless god drone.

Eric's response to my protestation is quite incredible, he said, and I quote;

I am talking of real life scenario Ha ha ha. u r like Avatar hero handicapped, using fake body to prove you are atheist online. Show in real life like we do Sunday missionary work, go on streets to spread the good message of Jesus. Like that you do or Not? Only those are qualified

I dunno about you but I find the “Avatar hero handicapped” comment to be absolutely disgusting, considering he knows my home-life situation, he also knows my own health precludes much travel even were I not a carer. So such a comment only instils in me a deeper hatred of this pernicious little prick.

Thankfully another member berated Eric Johnson for a day or so and he relented, allowing me back as an 'online atheist'. I'm no such thing and such a label is insulting as I am a life-long and proud atheist, I refuse to be labelled by Eric or anybody else just to suit their bigotry.

Another member was banned even though they posted photos of their membership of the American Atheists Association. Apparently belonging to such an association is simply not good enough, you must go out and proclaim your atheism to everybody – even if they don't care.

I'm lucky, I live in the UK where I could probably walk down the street with a T-Shirt declaring “Christ took it up the arse from Judas” on the front and “God doesn't exist, grow up!” on the back, and it would hardly raise an eyebrow. Yet I do not feel I should be expected to do this simply to prove my atheism. As it is, my car proudly sports a Darwin's Fish, my lapel is always replete with a Darwin's Fish badge and I have had frequent conversations with friends and family about my lack of faith and views on religion – to the point I've often been told to “Shut the fuck up about God for once!”. Eric doesn't consider that sufficient.

I've been members of many Facebook creationist pages over the years and this is the first time I have seen such wholesale stupidity, ignorance and bigotry from an admin who is set on culling anybody he feels like. I would have more respect for him if he were to simply say “I don't want you on my page” instead of concocting some abjectly stupid reason such as “online atheist” to hide behind.

I would urge any readers wishing to annoy this cretinous little moron to join his page, we need more free thinkers on there to counter-balance the number of utterly ridiculous fundies. But make sure you're a 'real atheist' and not one of those cowardly 'online atheists', because Eric doesn't like them!

Eric Johnson, if you read this, and I know you are aware of the blog's existence, you are without doubt one of the most banally stupid, ignorant, intolerant, bigoted, poisonous little online bullies I have met. And make no mistake, you are an online bully. You would never dream of doing in real life what you have done the last few nights, yet the safety of your monitor shields you from those you abuse. Well fuck you, Eric Johnson. Fuck you, fuck your ex-Canaanite wargod and fuck your Jewish blood sacrifice myth.

I'll be uploading some choice screenshots from the discussion, which continues even as I write this, when time permits me to edit out names.

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  1. His behaviour reminds me of several fundy extremists on face book. The pattern is rather predictable. It's as though fundamentalism appeals specifically to those not sound of mind exclusively.



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