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Still more Twittering for Jesus

Hmmm, it would seem my previous blog entry was premature, ImH0me hadn't finished their headlong dive into delusion. So, without further ado, I present some more of their tweets directed to me.

While proving there is a Creator, it doesn/t make sense to dismiss a belief b/c if you die, it could be too late 4u @dawkinsdog

Ah, we're starting with Pascal's Wager. That nice. It's also been shown fallacious as you are required to believe in a god, but which god? Man has worshipped hundreds, even thousands so which to pick? You could pick the Christian god only to find Zeus waiting up there, in his hand a lightning bolt with your bumhole written on it!

@DawkinsDog If you have patience to read all these tweets here,read all the discourses, Evo has been shown to be nothing but a flawed theory

Oh I have read their tweets. For a 'flawed theory' it sure has stood up to the rigorous testing that science puts all areas of study too. As a scientist you can't just say “Ya know, I think ...”, you have to present your evidence and then open it to peer review where it can be falsified. If, after that process, it is found to be accurate then it's accepted – but even then it is still open to question and further testing. Nothing in science is written in stone and certainly not on stone tablets.

ImH0me had previous claimed that Lucifer had caused man to write ill of god, that god had committed no wrongs. I mentioned the atrocities in the Bible – I speak of the abhorrent slaughtering of innocent babies by god's command in the Joshua campaigns.

Back to the numpty.

@DawkinsDog No, God has nothing to do w/ leading men astray. Men in times of weakness were allowing themselves to go astray

@DawkinsDog Men are not perfect. In times of weakness, satan can enfluence man to write satan's input in the bible to demean a loving God

Okay, so god didn't command the atrocities? He didn't stop them either though, did he! Ah, but ImH0me is saying that god didn't lead them astray, so the bible is lying. Hmm, that means the bible isn't the word of god after all, so which bits do we reject as inspired by Lucifer. Given the rampant immorality of the OT it would be easier to just dismiss it all as inspired by the horned beast.

Back to the tweets.

@DawkinsDog So, you now believe Conscious Intelligent Designer has a hand behind dead stones ended up alive ?

I pointed out how most theists manage to reconcile evolution with their beliefs, only those who do not understand evolution reject it out of hand.

@DawkinsDog Im not confused. You are confused. U butt in here trying to replace my belief inGod w/ Evo but yet u want to exclude dead stone

Okay, stop. I butted in? I don't follow ImH0me, I certainly didn't reply to any of his tweets before he messaged me yet I am butting in? Yeah, that makes sense. I'm also not trying to replace his belief in god with evolution. True, I'm an atheist but my concern is the ignorant rejection of evolution, not whether somebody has an imaginary friend – so long as they don't try to use that friend to dictate how I live my life. Anyway, on we go …

@DawkinsDog Treat the bible as you treat any book. Take what is good and throw away what doesn't make sense. Be rational as you claim to be

Now, I don't know about you but if I considered the bible to be the 'word of god' I would not expect to cherrypick which parts are good and discard the rest. Rationality dictates not that we cherrypick but we dismiss as a whole the reliability of a text if much of it is found wanting.

@DawkinsDog Wholly unreliable? Is loving ur neighbor unreliable? Is loving ur parents unreliable? Is adultery reliable? Are u making sense ?

Loving my neighbour or my parents is instinctive (not so much my neighbours, they take getting used to). Is adultery reliable? No, it's morally wrong. Then again, so is dashing out a baby's brains for the sins of the parent. So is condoning slavery. So is demanding a disrespectful child be murdered. If they wish to claim god is the source of our morality then they are clearly sniffing something they shouldn't.

Science says they discovered fossil of bee a 100 million yrs old. So, you haven't covered "bee is still a bee" yet. @DawkinsDog

An attempt to discredit evolution using actual evidence, finally! It's also a massive fail because, although they did find a bee trapped in amber that dated from around that time, it is not related to any modern day species. If anything this is further proof of evolution, not against it.

Ur acceptance that science has no clue how dead stones ended conscious should wake you up 2 consider God may exists @DawkinsDog

Oh goody, we're back to the dead stones of the last update. Clearly this person has no comprehension of how we believe life originated, which doesn't involve dead stones waking up. Nor do they understand that evolution is not the same as abiogenesis, but then they also appear to confuse both of those with the Big Bang.

God the Holy Spirit can not reaveal Himself b/c it may compromise your freewill to choose Home freely w/out knowing @DawkinsDog

Okay, so god cannot reveal himself because if he does it takes away our free will to choose him? That's really convenient to those trying to sell the 'brand' of god to gullible idiots who'd buy snake-oil if you told them it'd cure their six-fingers and buckteeth, and improve their banjo playing.

It's also a false dichotomy. If I saw god and he was the god of the Old Testament, guilty of the atrocities that details, I might believe god exists but my basic moral code would forbid me accepting him. I would rather denounce him as evil and suffer the consequences.

Earth is not ur 1st world. U came from Heaven 1st, then u ended in Hell(EmptySpace) &now on earth 4a chance 2return@DawkinsDog

Citation needed. None given. Next!

You are here to forget your past so you can believe freely in God d same way u believed in Lucifer that got you out @DawkinsDog

Whoa, back up, I believed in Lucifer? When? I don't believe in Lord Vordemort simply because I reject the notion Harry Potter is real! Their entire argument is complete bollocks. Again.

@DawkinsDog Science is not perfect. At one point of time all scientists claimed the smallest particle of matter is atom. What happened then?

Quite right, it's not. It's not perfect but it's a damn sight better than the belief system of a bunch of Bronze Age desert dwellers because we can test science and, if it's wrong, we can correct it! Sure, scientists once claimed the smallest particle was an atom. Gee whiz, ya got me, they were wrong because later on, as technology developed they discovered even smaller things. Guess that means atoms don't exist then?

@DawkinsDog If all scientist can be wrong at one point of time, they can all be wrong at any time, & this time it is their flawed Evo Theory

Yes, all individual scientists can be wrong, but that is not to say that they can all, as a whole, be wrong FOR OVER 150 F**KING YEARS!

@DawkinsDog Im sharing belief of HolySpirit, d ORIGIN of all origins w/c includes dead stones. Flawed EvoTheory is half empty 2disprove it

What is it with dead stones? Did he have a My Pet Rock that died?

@DawkinsDog Talking about spiders, how did spider know insects will evolve so it can evolved silk 2 build elaborate webs 2trap them 4 food ?

@DawkinsDog W/ a brain that can only be seen by microscope, how did spider know how 2evolve silk 2 trap insects it did not know will evolve?

@DawkinsDog And why do a gorilla, w/ brain billion times bigger than spider, is still using stick to collect ants to eat ? Is spider genius?

Now those three are just plain stupid. He is clearly incredibly ignorant of how evolution through natural selection works and how it's pretty much an arms race between species for survival. A spider no more consciously decided to weave webs out of its bottom than a bird decided one day it might be a bit cool to go see what clouds look like from the other side.

@DawkinsDog So, you see, this example alone makes ur EvoTheory ridiculous . Gorillas/spiders don't know. Only a Conscious Designer can know

Really? Only a conscious designer could have created them? Fine, then that conscious designer must have created the vicious little parasites that burrow through the eyes of innocent, starving children in Africa, blinding them for life. What about those, the nasty creations?

@DawkinsDog God created these imperfections perfectly so man can understand differences that hints there is better out there, so to believe

Oh, I see, so they're a lesson to everybody? God couldn't think of a slight less fucking disgusting way to demonstrate something than picking on the very weakest people on the planet, ones many in the rest of the world are oblivious to? Why not strike down the richest, most famous people with something really nasty as an example to us, so we'd all be aware? No, that would probably make no sense, right? I told him I think his god is sick and evil even if he exists.

@DawkinsDog We're all lost souls suffering b/c of our choice 2leave God eons ago. Parasites can't hurt ur soul, it is losing faith that can

Our choice to leave god eons ago? OUR CHOICE? I don't recall that, do you? Oh, he probably means Adam and Eve, who ate the fruit that god planted in full knowledge the serpent he'd created would tempt them with a lie so he could punish them, even though they had no idea a lie existed so it's utterly immoral. We're still paying for that? You wonder I find god distasteful!?

Parasites can't hurt our soul? Probably not, considering we very likely don't have a soul. What they can do is blind innocent, starving infants in third world countries. That doesn't matter though, apparently, because god did it and he can do no wrong.

@DawkinsDog Blindness wont hurt ur soul. It is w/out faith or losing faith that can hurt ur soul. U suffer b/c u left Home, it is u 2blame

@DawkinsDog Wether you are a child or an adult, we are all lost souls who left God's Love & Protection. Only us to blame for our sufferings.

@DawkinsDog God did not abandon us. We abandoned God for lucifer. We are hurting ourselves by our own choice. Blame yourself b/c u are free.

Blindess won't hurt my soul? No, but it sure puts a damper on life and the ability to enjoy god's wonderful fucking creations! I suffer because I left god (erm, no I didn't), and I am to blame. By extension, this utterly immoral little fuckwit is blaming those innocent children in Africa for the parasites that are eating through their eyes. Sorry, I find that repellent.

Back to evolution.

@DawkinsDog So where are these 1/2,1/3,1/4 bee that should be flying right now if evo can start at any point and still goes on?

Where are these half man half ape, or half fish half toad or half dog,cat etc that we should see alive right now ? @DawkinsDog

Did all the fishes stopped evolving after one evolved into something that turned later into man ? How convenient !@DawkinsDog

Truth is, u only have average life span of 70-80 yrs, so how can u observe proof that took million yrs to witness ? @DawkinsDog

If evo is true & you two are still evolving, then u r not in control. You are just like what they call vegetables. @DawkinsDog

Oh where to start. Where are the 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 bees that should be around? Where are the half man half apes? Half fish half toad? Half dog half cat? Seriously, this guy is heading for a Crocoduck award. He has absolutely no comprehension not only of evolution but of what transitional species are. Seriously, I can't put into words the level of dumb contained in his tweets above, they are priceless lol

As to how can we proof (sic) what happened millions of years. Hypocrisy, thy name is ImH0me, for thou beleaveth in god without evidence, you believe the bible without external corroboration, you buy into religion without any supporting data other than an argument from incredulity that things could have evolved. We HAVE the evidence. We have evidence from multiple disciplines. We have evidence that doesn't simply show us what happened in the past but which allows us to make predictions; that's how pharmaceutical companies can stay ahead of many viruses, it's how we know where to drill for oil under the sea because of the fossil record and so on. Evolutionary science is not a purely theoretical field, it is a practical field with many daily used applications.

The reality is, u just relied on paper works w/out using ur brain, but are able to use ur brain to find BS in bible @DawkinsDog

No, ImH0me, I used my brain to read the evidence. You say I'm able to find BS in the bible. Yes, I can, so why the hell can't you!?

His final tweet, for now anyway.

If evo is true & you two are still evolving, then u r not in control. You are just like what they call vegetables. @DawkinsDog

Not entirely sure if this comparison to a vegetable was intended as an insult lol. I'm not in control of my evolution, awwwwww, no fair! Nobody is, though. Evolution through natural selection doesn't work on a conscious level at any point. Does ImH0me have control issues, can't stand not being the master of his own destiny?

I'll end with this, a great little quote I discovered online.

"If there is a God, atheism must seem to Him as less of an insult than religion." -Edmond de Goncourt 

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