Friday, 6 July 2012

National Trust? National Disgrace!

I was passed the following link by Joe @ExpandingInward on Twitter, and it's deserving a quick blog.

The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland is a wonderful natural formation of coastline rocks that has amazed many for centuries. Do we know how it was formed? Yes, we do. Was it in Noah's Flood? No, it was not. So here's my opinion on this insanity.

The National Trust kowtowing to Evangelical Christians' demands to include mention of the Noah Flood as a possible method of formation is beyond belief. Creationism has absolutely no scientific evidence supporting it. There was no global flood, geology alone can show us this with no evidence for such an event. On top of this we have the ludicrous requirement that two, or seven, of every species be crammed into a boat that is demonstrably too small. Were it even possible to shove a load of animals into a boat, the genetic record shows that they could not have reproduced and 'adapted' as Creationists claim, it's biologically impossible. Then there's the little problem of several civilizations, such as the Egyptians, having records that go back, unbroken, to before the claimed date of the damn deluge!

Let's make no mistake, there was NO global flood as depicted in the Big Old Book of Bullshit.

So why is the National Trust choosing to even give them the time of day? Is the Evangelical Christian lobby that strong in Northern Ireland that they feel they must accommodate their insanity? If so, I fear for the future of that country more than I have since the end of the sectarian violence that blighted them in the name of religion for decades.

I am tempted to contact that centre and explain that I am a firm believer that the Giant's Causeway was carved by Leprechauns using little gold hammers they make from the gold collected from the end of rainbows. As such, I demand that MY beliefs be given coverage alongside Creationism … and actual reality!

Were I a member of the National Trust I would be cancelling my membership forthwith. As a matter of principle I will not support any organisation willing to debase itself by supporting the crazed beliefs of the mentally challenged Creationist brigade.

There is a Facebook page supporting the removal of this part of the exhibition and I would urge all readers, if Facebook members, to join.

If we allow Creationists to dictate to the National Trust they'll think they have the right to foist their delusional bronze age inanity into other areas of our lives. We can't afford to allow them to drag us back, not when we've made so much progress towards living in the 21st Century!

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