Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Case Against God

Prompted by a debate with a complete moron by the name of 'Apostle Trevor Mawayo' on Facebook tonight, I thought I would make the case that God is arguably more evil than Satan/Lucifer/The Devil/Simon Cowell.

Before I begin let me make this absolutely clear; I am not a Satanist, not of any variety, and no more believe in his existence than I do god's. Got that? Good.

First off, is God omniscient or not? If he is then it follows that he must have known that Satan would turn on him, so why did he create him to begin with?

Secondly, is God all powerful or not? If he is then it follows that he must be able to snap his fingers and destroy Satan, removing his temptations from our lives. Yet he doesn't.

The conclusion one must logically draw, if we are to argue that god and Satan exist, is that Satan plays an integral part in god's “plan” and therefore god is complicit with his actions. This already isn't looking good for the ol' big guy upstairs. Can it get worse? You betcha!

According to the Bible, god created everything. This would include Hell, a place of eternal suffering and torture? Yup. Revelation says that Satan will be cast down into Hell so it seems unlikely god would simply send him home “Satan, go to your domain, and take down those damn Justin Beiber posters!”

So, we have god knowingly creating his arch nemesis, Satan, and allowing him to go into the world to lead us astray, away from worshipping god, and we have god creating Hell, a place of eternal torment. So far so damning, let's pile on some more.

I've covered this point at length before so I'll recap only briefly one of the most insidious consequences of Christian teaching.

A murderer could kill somebody who, because they are an atheist, god will cast into Hell for an eternity of torture. That murderer later repents of his sins, turns to Christ and is forgiven, being allowed to enter Heaven for an eternity of being blown by angels. The victim, who could have been a good, loving, compassionate person whose only 'crime' is their atheism, gets no such reprieve, they continue to spend eternity being flayed alive (or dead, as the case may be). Clearly the only thing god truly cares about is whether we turn to him, not how well we live our lives, and this dictates an extremely narcissistic streak in a supposedly perfect being.

It is very difficult to make a moral case for god out of this scenario, especially when one considers just who judges us upon death. Does the bible say Satan stands in judgement of us? No. Only God  according to the drool merchants demanding you repent! repent! Repent!

God is love, remember. We get told this constantly. So why would a god who is love choose to send any person to be tortured for eternity? He wouldn't, because there is no crime for which the fitting punishment is eternal torture.

Why would god play into Satan's hands anyway? Why give Satan the pleasure of taking our souls instead of depriving him and allowing everybody into Heaven? Again, this smacks of it being part of god's 'plan' and it's a 'plan' that looks increasingly sick.

We often get Christians liken god to a parent and us their child. Okay. So a child answers back to their parent and, in the heat of an argument, says “I hate you!”. The parent might slap the child across the backs of their legs, they would not torture and burn the child for eternity! Yet the bible claims that blasphemy is the one unforgivable sin, so saying anything bad about god is all he needs to condemn you for eternity. For an omnipotent deity he sure has a fragile ego, we can say that much.

I'll very briefly let the jury have a history of god's past actions. These include the demanding of or the direct act of slaughtering innocent children, including babies [Isaiah 14:21, Hosea 9:11-16, Ezekiel 9:5-7, Exodus 12:29-30, Jeremiah 51:20-26, Leviticus 26:21-22, Isaiah 13:15-18]. This excludes the countless number god would have murdered when flooding the world, many of whom would have doubtless been either pregnant or themselves babies or children. God also places a monetary value on lives, including of children, that are uniformly misogynistic with the male always worth more. God also gives clear instructions on how a slave can be mistreated, and beaten so long as they last three days. The list of admissible crimes does go on but for brevity I shall skip those.

So, in summing up;
  • God created Satan
  • God created Hell
  • God demands the slaughter of innocents
  • God commits the slaughter of innocents
  • God is the only one who sends people to Hell
  • God sends to Hell good, loving people simply for lack of belief
  • God allows into Heaven even the most evil people if they repent

Satan does none of the above. Even in Genesis the Bible makes no claim that the serpent who tempted Adam and Eve was Satan. It is only later that the book makes claim that Satan was the serpent, but as this is in retrospect it can hardly be considered conclusive and, as we have seen, it is demonstrable that even were the serpent to have been Satan, god must have known and condoned his actions as he took no steps to stop them.

I move that god be found guilty on all charges and be given the death sentence, along with his pernicious, poisonous, hateful religion. We're better off without him.

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