Saturday, 2 June 2012

Balogh, My Roll In Her Downfall

Regular readers of my blog (and thank you if you are) will be aware of Kim Balogh. She was the creator and admin of the Facebook page Atheism, Satanism and Humanism vs Biblical Christianity (ASHvsBC). Her mismanagement of that page is covered in more detail elsewhere on my site, just search for Balogh and you'll find plenty.

To give you a brief synopsis of this stupendously arrogant atrocity of an admin;

• She would ban people whom she considered members of “cults”, even when they were not and refused to readmit them, no matter what.
• She removed an admin from her own page when he said he was Orthodox Catholic.
• She facilitated and condoned the harassment and bullying of members in PM and on their personal walls by another of her admin, Nyles Seru (again, this is covered elsewhere on my site). She changed the page rules to avoid taking responsibility and to allow his abuse to continue.
• She banned a female member who stood up to Nyles and posted on ASHvsBC of his harassment.
• She offered little to no debate, instead quoting chunks of scripture and smugly buggering off again.

All in all, a foul woman with absolutely no respect for atheists, or indeed anybody whom doesn't share her exact form of delusion. So she had to go. Whilst many may say I shouldn't be, I am nonetheless proud to say I played a small roll in her subsequent removal from power.

At this point I should really be appearing in silhouette with my voice disguised, it'd be really cool, but sadly we'll have to make do with text. Sorry. Maybe one day I'll get around to backlighting myself on webcam. Anyway, back to the sub-James Bond daring-do.

Around 18 months ago, Caroline McCreedy was born, figuratively. She was married to Dwight McCreedy and they had three lovely daughters. Caroline was a Protestant Christian living in the US, Dwight worked for a railroad company. They were a lovely family.

Caroline, Dwight and their children weren't real, obviously. Kim Balogh didn't know that and I would post as Caroline on ASHvsBC, where she got quite a good reception from the other Jesus Jockeys.

Shortly after creating Caro, as we called her, I decided to share her use with another atheist who was also sick of Kim Balogh's reign of draconian despotism. I'll not name this atheist, though she has since admitted to it on Facebook – I'll just call her “Agent E”, it's suitably cloak and dagger. Increasingly I found myself using Caro less and less as Agent E was clearly making good headway, probably because she's slightly more evil than me.

Then it happened.

Kim Balogh gave Caroline McCreedy a position as admin on ASHvsBC. This was a pivotal moment, what to do? It was decided it best to bide our time, build the puppet's profile. The time came eventually, prompted by the banning of yet another member for being in a 'cult' when they weren't, that Kim Balogh had to go. Caroline McCreedy removed Kim and all of the admin team, including herself, leaving the page without anybody in charge.

Kim was not impressed. She threatened to contact the FBI, CIA and anybody else she could think of, claiming it was a 'cybercrime' and a criminal act. No, Kim, it was a Facebook page you were using to abuse people on, big difference! In the end she disappeared into the woodwork, setting up another page where she doubtless licked her wounds and decried atheists as the spawn of Satan.

ASHvsBC continued without any admin for a while until somebody regained control of it. For the life of me I cannot recall the member's name, but they brought back Caroline McCreedy. Since then the page has run relatively peacefully and without incident. Caro had a very much hands off approach, rarely posting and only very rarely having to intervene in anything. The members, atheist and theist alike, certainly seemed to prefer the atmosphere, no undue censorship, no unnecessary banning and a general all round sense of enjoyment. During that period I had virtually no input as Caroline McCreedy, instead preferring to leave her to Agent E to operate so that anything she said or did wouldn't be contradictory.

So, there you have it. The inside scoop on what actually happened to Atheism, Satanism and Humanism vs Biblical Christianity. Given the amount of speculation going on since Caroline was recently uncovered and replaced, I thought I'd set the record straight.

I've been attacked and defamed for my part in all this, notably by Eric Johnson Shrek (another nutjob you'll find mentioned elsewhere on this site). To such people I would say this; I have nothing to be ashamed of, I helped depose an admin who was allowing members, including women, to be abused and harassed, and who showed contempt for anybody not of her faith. She had it coming and it was a pleasure and a privilege to play even a small part in that downfall.

The downside of Kim's removal appears to be that she's currently writing a book for students in which she poses ten (or is it fifteen?) questions that evolutionists can't answer. Except they can, and have on several sites. She's posted of her progress on other pages. We've given her links to the answers, she ignores them. She claims there's a massive support in the scientific community for creationism, yet refuses to supply a list of the scientists. What she will do is respond with empty platitudes, threats of hell and chunks of scripture. I might have to blog about that soon!

I'll end there, typing in this low voice to disguise myself is hurting my throat. Thanks for reading.

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