Friday, 1 February 2013

A Life Changing Experience!

I need to tell you about some incredible experiences I have, I wish you could all share in this as it's life changing.

About 5 years ago whilst I was laying in bed the window lit up brightly and I sensed what I thought were people in the room. The next thing I knew, I was in a large room, laying on some sort of table and there were these short, grey beings surrounding me. It seemed like I was there for hours as they examined me. I remember so clearly that as they were examining me they scratched me on the buttock. I then found myself in a road around half a mile from my house. The aliens, as I have since to realise they were, had clearly done something to my mind to help sedate me as everything seemed so strange. Houses were the wrong colour or had no windows and when I passed by a friend they had long whiskers and large pointy ears, it was frightening. I made my way home and fell into bed, exhausted.

The next day I recall waking feeling disoriented and, remembering what had happened, upon checking my buttock I found the scratch! My cat, who usually sleeps in bed right beside me was not there, I found him downstairs so something must have disturbed him in the night. He was sitting by his food bowl and licking his claws, very unusual for him.

I was curious if anybody else had had similar experiences so looked online. To my amazement others had also found themselves taken and examined by these beings! The more I looked into it, the more it made so much sense. There is obviously an ongoing program where aliens abduct people for experimentation.

Since that night I have had other experiences. I noticed a bright light, brighter than normal stars, in the night sky. A friend tried to tell me it was just the planet Venus but I'd never noticed it before, I'm convinced that was the aliens' craft. I've seen it several times since, in fact it seems to be there most nights and I am increasingly convinced they are about to make contact with humanity. One night I took my flashlight out and signaled to their craft. That night they abducted me again but this time they must have returned me directly to bed and they didn't scratch me or disturb my cat.

Another thing that now makes so much sense is the creaking I hear in my house at night. After I have gone to bed I often hear the floorboards in the house creak. I'd always heard this since moving into this house 20 years ago but now I realise what is causing it – the aliens are in the house checking up on me. I find this disconcerting but I have yet to have them come into my room whilst I'm laying awake listening to them.

People ask me if I have evidence of what is happening. I do. The scratch they gave me on my buttock is proof! I wish I had taken a photograph of it to show you. The creaking in my house, too. How else would you explain that? And what about so many other people having similar experiences to me? Why would so many people believe they have been abducted by little grey men, just like we all saw in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Steven Spielberg MUST have had inside information on what is really going on when making that film!

I've tried to tell my friend about this but he says I'm wrong. He says that man was created special by god and there are no aliens out there to abduct people, even suggesting I am being attacked by demons. I've asked him how he knows god created us, does he have any evidence? He says he does have evidence, he told me he knows because he feels god in his life, he feels the presence of god all around him. Apparently he asked god to help him sometime and he did.

I don't think my friend is right. He says I'm succumbing to something called confirmation bias and seeing things that aren't there, making connections between unrelated events etc. He's wrong, I know it's true because I feel it is, I've experienced it. You wouldn't understand until you've got aliens in your life. I hope when they come for me next time they don't get too near my cat, he sometimes lashes out with his claws.

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