Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lisa's Illogical Creationist Lunacy

Sometimes you read something so overwhelmingly stupid that you have to read it through twice to ensure you didn't misunderstand what was being said. The following is one such instance. It took place on the Facebook page “The Reliablility(sic) of the Bible put to the Test” and the person in question is Lisa Emery.

I should point out that I am banned from that page, for reasons that are covered elsewhere in this blog, but the admin there are as incompetent as they are draconian and intellectually dishonest so I'm still able to read their dribblings.

Lisa had started a thread titled “I'll never figure out why "athiests" will fight you on their way to Hell.” and others were trying to explain how atheists tend not to fight against god, they fight against the encroachment on their personal lives of a religion in which they wish to play no part. This resulted in Lisa saying that atheists are “the walking dead” and going on to say how they shouldn't pass comment on spiritual matters.

Another member replied to say that as a creationist Lisa should therefore not comment on evolution, otherwise it would be hypocritical to say atheists shouldn't comment on religion. As an example of just how deluded Lisa Emery is, she has made it clear on that page that she rejects not only evolution but also an old Earth, she truly believes the Earth is around 6000 years old. “Were you there?” being a typical reply to those protesting she's wrong.

Lisa's response to that comment she shouldn't comment on evolution as a creationist?

Hypocritical? Ha! It's quite hypocritical – when an “atheist” declares his disbelief in hell – yet fights his whole life to stay alive – nothing to fear – I think not!

Whoah, hang on, read that again. An atheist shouldn't fight to stay alive, how does that work?

Her assertion we must fear something is ridiculous. Most atheists believe that this life is it, after that there's nothing. So what's to fear? If she's attempting to claim that atheists know hell exists then she's barking up the wrong tree, in the wrong forest, on the wrong continent, on a different planet – that's how mistaken she is.

Atheists fight to stay alive because we're quite enjoying this life, aside having to share it with the religiously retarded, and would rather it last as long as possible. What are we supposed to do, say “stuff this for a game of soldiers” and slit our wrists when we reach 21? I can't figure out where Lisa is getting her ideas from, they make absolutely no sense. No change there if you're familiar with her usual posts.

Logically, not that logic enters the minds of the likes of Lisa, it should be she who doesn't fight to stay alive. We are constantly told of how this life is sinful, full of temptation and that heaven will be an eternity of bliss without disease or suffering. To these people this corporeal existence on Earth is nothing but a holding pattern before arriving at cloud city, where they'll be handed a halo and harp like a tourist being given a lei as they step off a plane in Hawaii, so why prolong the wait? Why prolong the exposure to all that temptation to stray? Why are these people not praying for their sick loved ones to die, or even themselves, after all if they're going somewhere better it'd be the kind thing to do, right?

It's people like Lisa who make Christian Fundie watching on Facebook, and elsewhere, such good fun. It's often hard to believe what you are reading or that it is coming from a person with the faculty for reasoned thinking – which arguably it's not if you're a creationist. As hobbies go it's both entertaining and educational. It's just a damn shame that utter morons such as Lisa will indoctrinate her own children into these ignorant delusions and bigotries, but then that's why we debate with them, because those reading the threads get to see just how anachronistic and asinine their views are.

If anybody wishes to visit the Facebook page upon which you can find this and other similarly stupid people, click here >

Good luck staying a member though, not if you insist on using rational logic and evidence in your arguments!

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