Thursday, 10 September 2009

Arrogance at the wheel

Right, first proper post and it's a poo flinger - so we're off to a good start!

I live in North London. I drive a small car. I very often give way to oncoming traffic when the road is restricted, even when the highway code would dictate I have right of way. I wasn't aware that flashing your headlights, smiling or raising a friendly hand in recognition costs money.

It appears it must as fewer and fewer people seem to have the common decency to even acknowledge me when I give way to them. I'm not asking for a fecking Thank You card in the post but, c'mon, would it really kill these arrogant swines to at least signal some gratitude?

Whilst I'm on the subject. Perhaps it's because I drive such a small car that other drivers consider me fair game. The legal limit on Britain's motorways is 70mph. Several times I have myself been exceeding this limit, albeit by utilising a downhill section and following wind, when complete imbeciles have tailgated me and then flashed in annoyance until I pull across to allow them to shoot passed at 80mph+. Tailgating any vehicle at speed is the sign of abject stupidity, to then harass and harangue that vehicle's driver because you want to break the speed limit is the sign of moronic arrogance. Least that's this primate's opinion.

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