Thursday, 18 April 2013

Solipsism’s Gambit

Every so often I will see a Christian post something along the lines of  “Could you be wrong about everything you think you know?” as though a yes answer would somehow equate to god's inevitable existence. Quite frankly, when I see it I just wonder if the person who posts it has actually thought through the implications or just think they're being, ya know, really clever n' stuff. They're not.

Their argument tends to degenerate into argumentation that if we could be wrong about anything we think we know then we could be wrong about the existence of god, evolution, the big bang and anything else they care to mention. They will even go so far as to argue that we cannot trust our senses at all on anything, because what we perceive as reality is only what our limited senses tell us.

Even were I to acquiesce for the sake of argument and say, OK, we can't completely trust our senses on anything, we could be wrong from whether water is wet to whether 2 + 2 = 4, where would that logically lead us? It would lead us to the argument that those claiming knowledge of god's existence, to have experience of him in their lives, is equally based on the presupposition that their senses are not deceiving them.

Ah, but they have a get out of jail card they'll play if presented this rebuttal. They will say that they know god exists because he has revealed himself to them, they know he is true because they feel him through 'divine revelation'. Great argument, dipshits, except it's fatally flawed.

To make such a claim you would have to be sensing god's presence. Yet you're arguing that our senses aren't reliable, so how can you be certain of god revealing himself? Unless you're claiming you're so damn special you have an infallible sixth sense through which god communicates whilst the rest of us are lumbered with our faulty, unreliable five senses?

Even the bible, much as the godbothering fraternity will claim otherwise, was written by men. We know this, nobody but a complete loon believes god actually wrote the bible. We'll be told he 'divinely inspired' the bible through men. Okay, but through which senses was that done then? Because if it was men doing it they had the same fallible five senses we do, thereby rendering the bible unreliable, unless they too happened to be graced with this otherwise undetectable brain's bluetooth connection to the almighty that has so far managed to escape detection by those of us who give a damn about little things like evidence.

So if you want to throw around complete toss such as questioning whether everything we know is wrong may I make a suggestion? Take your pathetic solipsism based bollocks and fuck right off, if that is the depths to which you have to plunge to try to convince atheists your god exists and to justify to yourself that you're not merely imagining him then you need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

And, yes, you solipsistic gobshites, I actually did say fuck off, you didn't imagine that.

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